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About Us

Durham University Student Volunteering and Outreach (known as DUSVO) is a Durham Student Organisation (DSO) that formally operated as SCA since in 1989. The organisation has expanded over the years, and now sits within the wider Volunteering and Outreach department, with two paid members of staff supporting the operations.

DUSVO encompasses the student-led aspect of volunteering, driven by a Executive Committee and enthusiastic  project managers, the organisation oversees 20+ projects and initiatives. These have been established by students based on community needs and student interests, falling into one of 4 main categories; social inclusion, education, environment and cultural volunteering.

College Volunteering:

In addition to our DUSVO volunteering opportunities, each college at Durham has its own volunteering projects, and leaders specific to their colleges. Durham Volunteering works with colleges to promote volunteering opportunities and partnerships with local community organisations. College volunteering also encourages students within each college to get involved through college volunteering days as well as offering leadership positions through our college volunteering representatives.

Contact Us:

DUSVO Student Volunteering: [email protected]

College Volunteering: [email protected]