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DUVO 35 Year Anniversary

DUVO 35 Year Anniversary

We are looking for staff, student, and alumni volunteers to share experiences of volunteering with us for our 35-year anniversary celebrations. 

The Volunteering and Outreach Team are excited to announce that next year we are celebrating the 35-year anniversary of volunteering at Durham University. DU Student Volunteering and Outreach (DUSVO) was founded in 1989 as Student Community Action (SCA). Other volunteering teams, including Team Durham Community (previously Durham Community Sport), have previously worked independently until the teams combined under Experience Durham. Volunteering at the university has evolved over the years, and we now operate as one team spread across DUSVO, College, Department & Society volunteering, Team Durham Community, and Staff Volunteering. As the team and projects have evolved, we have been shaped by many individuals across the university, and we want to celebrate this rich history of collaboration in our 35th year of operation at the university. 

The anniversary will be tied into some of 2024’s events including the Volunteer Fair on January 17th, Student Volunteering Week in February, National Volunteers Week, and the Volunteer Awards in June.

We are creating an online and physical exhibition to create a showcase of the past 35 years of DUSVO, Team Durham Community, and Staff Volunteering. We are sharing memories across our social media and working across the community to celebrate the occasion. We want to bring it to life by gathering and sharing the volunteering memories of our students, staff, alumni, service users, and community partners. 

If you are, or were, involved as a volunteer during your time at the university, through SCA, DUSVO, your college, your sports team, or as a staff member, we would love for you to share your memories with us through these forms:  

Durham University email addresses: 

External email addresses:  

We also have a volunteering alumni mailing list, you can sign up here: 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] 

Durham University Volunteering and Outreach Team