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Student Volunteering Recognition and Awards

Recognitions and Awards

To recognise the invaluable contributions our students make in the community through volunteering, we have our Student Volunteering Certification scheme. The scheme recognises 5 different levels of commitment, based on the accumulated number of hours a volunteer has completed during their time at Durham University. Bronze (30 hours), Silver (60 hours), Gold (90 hours), Platinum (120 hours), and Hall of Famers (200+ hours) – these are awarded as badges through our volunteering platform. Volunteers that wish to request a hard copy certificate version of their achievement can request this via [email protected]. For those who have achieved these awards, spotlight is given to these individuals at our annual Volunteering Awards even in June. For more information about the Volunteering Awards please see our awards page here.

In addition, we can provide references for students that are registered and track voluntary activity on our volunteering platform.